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At Haskew Consulting our fundamental belief is that people want to be, and to do, their best at work. Our purpose is to help them achieve this.

We bring together a distinctive blend of business psychology, commercial experience and in-depth coaching skills to provide Executive Coaching that helps your best talent make the most of themselves. By helping to clarify their purpose, maximise their key strengths and develop their flexibility they can re-focus their future and stand out from the crowd.

Believing that self-awareness is at the heart of effectiveness, we work from the inside out.

We help clients clarify and align their personal goals with those of the organisation, lighting the way for them to rise to challenges, grapple with dilemmas, negotiate complexity, and learn new skills and approaches to achieve their best.

through challenge and support our executive coaching helps clients connect with an authentic, meaningful and engaged place that delivers results for all...

through my coaching with Deborah I now understand myself in much more depth. I have reached a higher level of leader clarity and a far greater level of delivery, making me more confident and effective in my new role

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