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we like to work in partnership with organisations and we expect to get close to HR and line-managers, to work side by side, in order to facilitate successful outcomes for all...

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Our Executive coaching addresses the whole person and the system in which they work.

In our view people grow and develop when they are both challenged and supported, when they see change will be beneficial to themselves and others, and when what they are doing fits into a bigger picture giving meaning and purpose.

Our clients are individuals and so our coaching programmes are individual too, tailored to meet their specific needs.

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However, all programmes will contain some essential elements:

  • An initial face to face chemistry meeting to assess coach - client match and synergy
  • A 3 or 4-way contracting process including HR and/or the line manager to agree purpose, goals, outcomes and measurements of the coaching and each person’s role in the process
  • Face to face coaching sessions, as agreed, with telephone and email support when required
  • A mid-programme 3 or 4-way review for longer coaching contracts
  • An end of programme 3 or 4-way review for all coaching programmes
  • A follow up call 6 months after the end of the coaching to review progress and change
  • The appropriate use of an integrated mix of business, leadership, psychological and interpersonal theories and models to support the learning of the client and the goals of the coaching contract

As a buyer of her services, I have found Deborah an absolute pleasure to work with. She is engaging, appropriately challenging and offers a deep understanding of the business challenges faced by those in senior leadership roles. She provides absolute professionalism and integrity and it’s particularly impressive how she contracts and delicately balances the dual client relationship; for me this makes her stand out.

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