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Coaching deals with change - purposeful change for growth and improvement. We see how subtle shifts in an individual’s pattern of thinking can have a huge impact more widely in teams and organisations.

Working with your senior people and your talent of the future, we will help you build confident and open-minded leaders and a stronger organisation.

Sometimes this means new ways of looking at the world, new skills and approaches, new structures or systems, new jobs and roles, new directions and decisions.

Always, for clients, it means: greater self-insight and understanding of others and the system they are in; increased flexibility and a sense of purpose; a new reflective capacity; and an increased ability to engage with others.

Clients leave our coaching with the renewed self-confidence that comes from knowing that they can operate outside their comfort zones and that they have the support of pragmatic plans to sustain their progress.

We make it a priority to clarify and assess the return that is expected from coaching. Much of this will be qualitative but where possible we will work with you to track hard measures.

To continually offer our best to clients we work within a framework of professional supervision to ensure the maintenance of our high standards. We pursue our own professional development and adhere to the codes of conduct and ethics of:

Deborah's insight and stretching questions helped me see myself and my challenges from a different perspective and enabled me to develop my style to make the step change to a more senior role.

VP International Financial Services

New perspectives... renewed focus